We Are ARIA we open minds with our innovative approach to every problem. A solution driven organization targeting every solution in the most efficient and cost-effective manner to achieve compliance within all council and Emergency services by-laws.

Akshay Gaikwad, the founder of ARIA IASF Technologies Pty Ltd has extensive experience in the field of plant engineering and airflow technologies. He has dedicated his career in offering all Clients solutions that suite their budget and are unique to the specific requirement of the plant.

Aria is an international brand offering turnkey solutions and services that adhere to the local by-laws, ATEX, SANS, NFPA, ISO, OSH and any other standards our clients would want us to adhere to. Backed by a team of engineers, it blends technology with out-of-the-box thinking to provide concept-to-commissioning solutions at the best value. Within just a few years, Aria's ability to open minds to unseen possibilities for its clients has attracted pioneer brands of Africa to its list.

Aria has grown to expand its operations and have a base in India to facilitate manufacturing and offer solutions to clients throughout the world by designing compliant plants with ISO, ATEX, NFPA and EU standards and in turn maintaining the best value proposition for these plants by manufacturing in India.

Within just a few years, Aria's ability to open minds to unseen possibilities for its clients has attracted pioneer brands of Africa to its

The founder and CEO of the company Akshay Gaikwad is an Indian citizen who has established this brand in South Africa by various completed projects since 2013. As an expansion strategy and to target the markets beyond Africa a decision was taken to establish in house manufacturing facility in Pune City of india where the overheads and operations cost would be at minimum allowing Aria to offer all their products at the best possible price.


IASF team comprises of highly motivated professionals with more than 55-man years of collective experience in the field of plant engineering.

Our team understands the commitment and we deliver our projects in budget and on time. We have extensive project management experience and treat every project irrespective of its size as our most important project. Qualified engineers are appointed as a project manager for every project for technical and management efficiency.

We bring your dreams to reality by constructing all projects from concept to commissioning, a true turn- key solutions provider.

Akshay Gaikwad

Director, Founder & CEO

B.ENG (automotive), university of Mumbai

IASF Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Started his career in South Africa as a Project manager and a product designer in the field of plant engineering in the year 2013 within 5 years in 2017 he founded IASF technologies based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Under his leadership IASF technologies have completed various projects worth more than 4.1 million USD in just 6 years. This achievement has been possible due to the hands-on approach to every client's requirement and by coming up with the most efficient solution for all our clients' problems in their plant facility. Be it compliance or efficiency the plants designed by Akshay are always custom designed to exact requirement of the client and not just copy and paste from previous projects.

A new chapter of IASF technologies has begun since December 2023 based in Pune, India to be able to provide best value for money plants to rest of the world and local Indian market.

Rajesh Patil

Director, Co-Founder & Snr. Project Engineer

B.ENG (Automotive), university of Mumbai

IASF Technologies, South Africa

An automotive engineer with 12 years of experience in project management and project execution. Rajesh has handled various plant engineering projects in automotive manufact5uring facilities specializing in surface finishing plants. Similarly automotive refinishing pain plants is also one of the strong suites of Rajesh. Rajesh has completed projects from concept to commissioning in various automotive manufacturing companies before venturing out as an entrepreneur and joining IASF India team in 2022.

Strong leadership skills and problem-solving skills makes Rajesh a very important apart of IASF team.

Anirudha Palav

Sr. Project Engineer

B.ENG (Mechanical), university of Mumbal

IASF Technologies, South Africa

Started his career in 2010 in Johannesburg South Africa working as a project engineer for a plant engineering company based in Heidelberg. Aniruddha is fondly known as Ani in our industry and is respected by various clients to complete multiple projects efficiently and within budget.

Ani has completed projects of more than 3.5 million USD in his career till date and has worked with international brands based in Sub Sahara Africa. Ani has a strong foundation of technical expertise which makes him a great executioner of every project we undertake.

Industrial plant engineering is a field with a vast variety of applications and hence a sound engineering team is a basic requirement for success, Ani has given more than 12 years in this field and leads the Aria team with example by being the chief operating officer.

Ani has completed his Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Mumbai in its Mechanical Engineering stream.

Amanda Gaikwad


Dip. Accounting & finance, Technicon

IASF Technologies South Africa

Amanda started her career in the accounting and finance department as accounts admin in the housing department of KZN in the year 1992. She has since then worked in various roles in the accounts department in various multinational companies including Unilever and Diageo SA

Amanda is fondly known as Mandy in the team and has a very important role of managing the complete finance department of IASF technologies South African operations and leading the administrative staff from carrying out day to day activities. All companies rely on efficient backend support staff to run their operations smoothly, and this is where Mandy's 28 years of experience helps the company run smoothly in its operations.

Ankit Shah

Project Engineer

MBA South Africa, B.ENG (MECHANICAL), University of Mumbai

IASF technologies India

As a seasoned Mechanical Engineer with 2.5 years of dedicated experience in Project Management Services, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our dynamic team. My qualifications include an MBA in Project Management and a BE in Mechanical Engineering, and my skills span the spectrum of mechanical engineering, from conceptual design to implementation. Throughout my career, I have successfully managed projects, demonstrating a keen ability to optimize processes and ensure timely, cost-effective delivery. Committed to excellence, I contribute a passion for innovation and problem-solving that aligns seamlessly with our company's objectives. I am excited to be part of a team that values collaboration and forward-thinking, driving our projects to new heights of success.

Amruta Todalge


MBA South Africa, B.ENG (Mechanical)

IASF technologies India

Amruta is a part of IASF team with 8 plus years of experience in 3 d modeling and product design. She is an integral part of every project in finalizing concept designs and developing manufacturing drawings as per client preference. The detailed discussion with client is essential before manufacturing to ensure the design envisioned is exactly like the client wishes for his plant to look and operate.

Preston Mohanlal

Head Of Marketing,

IASF technologies South Africa

IASF technologies India

Preston was perusing engineering until he completed N6 and then realized his calling was marketing and sales. At an early age Preston started selling industrial products in South Africa and climbed through the ranks to reach sales manager. He has been a regional sales manager for one of the biggest steel suppliers in the country for the past 12 years when he decided to become an entrepreneur and join team Aria in 2022.

Preston has an incredible ability to understand client requirements and come up with the best possible strategies to achieve maximum client satisfaction by teaming up with our technical team. Usually in our industry we rarely see sales commitments met by the technical team and achieving just this has made Preston very popular with all our clients.

Preston is also responsible for undertaking sales and marketing strategies and the online presence of our brand. Preston is based in Johannesburg and handles marketing and sales for the complete global market.


To be preferred partners by every organization globally intending to achieve maximum productivity, efficiency, and profitability simultaneously with a safe plant environment for generations to come.


  • To innovate products and solutions to fulfil our client expectations every time.
  • To commit 100% to every project irrespective of size.
  • To design every product to be compliant to all relevant standards and by-laws.
  • To be transparent in operations with clients, suppliers & employees.


"Our Team is our business, and we pride ourselves in our collective values to enable successful partnerships."



IASF is committed to providing sound engineered solutions compliant to international and local by-laws, all our products are designed to adhere to SANS, CE, ATEX and local emergency services by-laws. Where local by-laws or SANS are not available for citation equivalent European standards are adhered to.


All ARIA products are manufactured with highest form of quality raw materials as per the technical data sheets. All raw materials and specifications of the products are always matched to the submitted offers to avoid any surprises on delivery.


IASF is committed in bringing change to protect our environment from harmful effects of industrial emissions, all our designs are compliant to SANS 14064-1:2006/ISO 14064- 1:2006 environmental emissions standards.


IASF undertakes various programs under corporate social responsibility to increase skill development within our community and employ all personal through fare hiring policy.


All vacancies are filled after technical and character evaluation of all candidates to ensure skill and role responsibility match 100%. All procedures are in line with labour by-laws of South Africa.


IASF is committed to following OSH ACT to the letter with no compromises. All personals are trained frequently by qualified HSE officers to maintain up to date information of the OSH act