ARIA is our brand offering solutions for manufacturing facilities in the wide range of industries including Manufacturing, Transportation, Aviation, Automotive, Wood working and furniture, Railways, Plastic products, automotive re-finishing and Mining,

Our product offering in this vast manufacturing sector is only in the finishing process of the production line. Once the parts are machined, fabricated and assembled they need to be painted or powder coated to be able to increase aesthetic appeal and corrosion resistance this process of applying a coating on the surface of manufactured parts is called surface finishing process and ARIA prides itself in offering comprehensive products for this process.

During the manufacturing process of all products in the mentioned industries a huge challenge is to contain dust, fumes and other contaminants emitting into the atmosphere. The emissions of every factory are regulated under environmental norms of the said Country and need to be under the prescribed values. ARIA offers a vast range of products to contain pollutants in our environment to reduce pollution and make every manufacturing facility we partner with into a 100% compliant entity.

We have categorized our solutions offered in the departments below to enable us to give superior service to our clients with the correct expertise within our organization.

Aria's Solutions